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The Rodríguez-Amat Art Center puts the works in its collection up for sale

This site shows artworks from more than six hundred artists from around the world, received by the Rodríguez-Amat House-Workshop as a demonstration of thanks during fourteen years of residencies and work at the Foundation. Many of the artists also exhibited their work in the House-Workshop gallery.

On leaving, when the artists gathered their work together, they said, Jordi take the work or the works you want.

Jordi always answered, if you say this to me I will take the best.

I know, replied the artists.

This work has been collected together at the House-Workshop with a view to showing it in the future in a suitable museum or space for the public to enjoy.

To this collection, Rodríguez-Amat has also added all artworks collected throughout his life from friends or from other exchanges.

At the same time, he will also add some thirty artworks from himself although these are not viewable on the website at present.

The collection, with its 798 artworks, consists of works by artists from Germany, Andorra, England, Argentina, Australia, Canada, Catalonia, Spain, Finland, France, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Melilla, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Uruguay, USA, Venezuela and China.

Many varied art techniques can be found in this collection.

Today, the Rodríguez-Amat House-Workshop has been transformed into a museum for the personal work of Rodríguez-Amat. This space, although of considerable size, is not able to accommodate this art collection as well. The collection has been photographed and catalogued with the artist’s information and details for this website.

In this spirit, Rodríguez-Amat wants to donate this collection to a city, town, village, institution, or other body which has a suitable facility to display this work. Rodríguez-Amat has been a dedicated artist and collector his whole life and believes that this is a very important collection of art for two reasons, firstly because of the value of its works, and secondly because it is a unique collection of original work of artists from around the world.

Through this site, the Rodríguez-Amat House-Workshop wants to expose this collection to prospective institutions, town halls, museum, or private persons who may be willing to inherit this wonderful and comprehensive collection of art. Rodríguez-Amat is willing to donate the entire collection without any personal gain provided that it will be permanently displayed and not stored out of view.

It is Rodríguez-Amat’s wish that this collection remains in Catalonia in a suitable facility. However, if a suitable facility cannot be found in Catalonia in the near future, the collection will be offered to any other town in Europe or worldwide.

Someone interested in buying a work of this collection, is required to make contact with the Rodríguez-Amat House-Workshop.

The Rodríguez-Amat House-Workshop

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