Inga Darguzyte


Inga Darguzyte




I am 37 years old graphic artist, live and professionally based in Vilnius, Lithuania. I am at least 10 years of continuous professional experience in the Visual Arts and project coordinating. In 1999 I graduated Vilnius Fine Arts academy, graphic art department (printmaking). From 2000 I am a member of Lithuanian Artist’s association. Since 1997 I take part in the international and Lithuanian art projects, exhibitions. During 2003-2007 I was curator of Vilnius graphic art centre. From 2006 I teach art history in the secondary and printmaking, composition in the private Art School for Children & Youth. Since 2007 I am freelance curator, organize exchange, educational programs. I have participated in various seminars, Forums (PVAF, Scotland, UK) and workshops (Rauma, Finland, 2005; Boras, Sweden, 2004), residency programs from 2003 in Scandinavia, UK, Spain. I have been creating graphic works and paper objects for ten years.

My art inspired by travel is dominated by unique motifs of mythologized landscape-timeless image without any location reference. My prints are less about representing the geological force of landscape, but rather about re-enacting then manually through own hand and arm movement. Prints create not so much an image, but rather a feeling of intensity and force that can be equated with the larger dynamics of the natural world. My life on the move (besides actual printmaking, also acts as a curator) resulted in a type of a universal travelling artist.

I have made 18 solo exhibitions and participated in 13 workshops and symposiums in Lithuania and abroad, won international awards.


Inga Darguzyte

Untitled / Linocut / 22 cm x 34 cm / 2005



Inga Darguzyte

Untitled / Linocut / 180 cm x 146cm / 2006



Inga Darguzyte

Untitled / Linocut / 84 cm x 95 cm / 2006



Inga Darguzyte

Cycle Orbits / Linocut / 19 cm x 19 cm / 2007



Inga Darguzyte

Between surfaces / Linocut / 61 cm x 84 cm / 2009




Inga Darguzyte

Cycle Karelia / Linocut / 70 cm x 100 cm / 2011




Born in Anyksciai, Lithuania lives in Vilnius, Lithuania



1980-1992 art school for children (Panevezys), Lithuania

1992-1997 Pedagogical Institute (Siauliai) Lithuania

1997-1999 Vilnius Art Academy (printmaking) Lithuania


Residencies, symposiums:

2011 artist residence in Kolin Ryynänen, North Karelia, Eastern Finland

2010 AIR “Art-Commune” (Yerevan), Armenia

2009 LookLook residency, Pertshire, Scotland

Fundación Valparaiso, Mojacar, Spain

2008 Annexateljén studio in Saxnäs (Marsfjäll) & Borås konstgrafiska verkstad , Sweden

2007 artist residency (Reykjavík), Sím association of Icelandic visual artists

2006 (LKV) Lademoen artists’ workshops (Trondheim), Norway Perthshire Visual Arts Forum. Scotland

Air - Nykarleby residency (Nykarleby), Finland

2005 Raumars Artists in residence (Rauma), Finland Gilfelagid studio (Akureyri), Iceland

2004 Borås konstgrafiska workshop (Borås), Sweden

2003 LookLook2003 project (Perthshire), Scotland.

The Baltic Sea Residency Network Graphic workshop (Neastved), Denmark

2002 woodcut symposium, Lithuania Pop Art 02 (Smiltyne), Lithuania

2000 graphic art symposium, Lithuania



Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture, Nordic Culture Point (2011)

Individual state grant, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania (2009)

Sleipnir (travel grants), the Nordic Council of Ministers, Vilnius, Lithuania (2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003)

STEP beyond mobility grant, European Cultural Foundation, Netherlands (2006, 2010)

Initiative premium, 6th international small graphic forms triennial (Vilnius), Lithuania (2004)

I price for project ESTAMPE 02, Lithuania (2002)

IV edition for small engraving prints, Florean museum, Romania (2002)

II premium for project Estampe 2001, Lithuania (2001)


Solo exhibitions:

2010 Armenian Open University, Fine Art‘s Department (Yerevan),

Armenia the Lithuanian National Philharmonic Hall (Vilnius), Lithuania

2009 Actus magnus gallery, Vilnius

2008 gallery Dalia (Vilnius), Lithuania

2007 Artima gallery (Vilnius), Lithuania

2006 gallery BABEL (Trondheim),

Norway gallery "kaire-desine" (Vilnius),

Lithuania Dundee Contemporary Art’s, Scotland

2005 Povilas Visinskis Siauliai County Public Library, Lithuania

Raumars artist in residence (Rauma),

Finland Gilfelagid studio (Akureyri), Iceland

2004 gallery “akcija M” (Moletai), Lithuania

Gallery " kaire-desine" (Vilnius), Lithuania

Siauliai University art gallery, Lithuania

2003 gallery "kaire-desine". Vilnius. Lithuania

2002 art exhibition palace (Klaipeda), Lithuania

2001 gallery "muza" (Vilnius), Lithuania

Gallery "kaire-desine" (Vilnius), Lithuania 1999

Gallery "rotunda" (Vilnius), Lithuania

Gallery "2 - asis aukstas" (Panevezys), Lithuania


Since 2000 - member of Lithuanian artists association graphic section 2003 - 2007

Curator of Vilnius graphic art centre, VGAC gallery “kaire-desine”

Since 2002 coordinates local and international art projects

Since 2006 teaches in the secondary and private schools


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